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On Saturday, April 10, 2010, I plan to begin my 3,000+ mile walk across the country to raise money and awareness for the following foundations: Miles For Hope, The Shriners, The Moffitt Cancer Center, and St. Joseph Hospital/St. Joseph Hospital All Children's Center.


I plan on walking from Brooksville, Florida to San Diego, California, and then on to Seattle, Washington, in the hopes of raising $_______ for the above foundations.  I plan to reach my destination approximately five months after beginning my journey.  I will be walking approximately twenty to thirty-five miles per day, and will be setting up camp at night along my route.   In addition to seeking donations to the foundations, I am also seeking sponsorships to help fund my hike for necessary expenses to cover such items as food and gear so that I may reach my goal.


This endeavor has two purposes. I want to challenge myself physically and mentally, and also raise money and awareness for cancer research.  Above all, I’m doing it for my father, mother and extended family.  My parents are cancer survivors. My father was diagnosed with brain cancer and has been free of the disease for four years. He’s the oldest of ten kids.  Only five are still alive.  Cancer eventually defeated some of them. My mother's breast cancer is in remission for nine months.  Cancer has really hit my family for a while, and this hike is something I can do to give something back.


I have set up a website, with the goal of collecting donations for the foundations, and also posting regular updates of my progress along the way. I plan to have a GPS map in place, along with updated blogs and photos.  On the website, there is also links directly to the foundations websites for donations.


Since these foundations are so instrumental in helping many patients and their families by offering hope and support, along with medical care to those who are affected by this tragic disease, we need to continue to do our part in raising funds and awareness so that they may continue to conduct the necessary research so that maybe one day, there may be a cure.  I believe that our continued work and support to help these foundations is important and well worth the effort.  I am particularly proud to be a participant in the fund-raising campaign so that they may continue to provide the necessary research…


I would appreciate any support you can give for this very worthwhile cause.  Thank you in advance for considering this request for your support.  If you have any questions about Hiking for a Cause, or any of the foundations listed above, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Salvatore Pascarelli

(352) 397-6331